Monday, September 13, 2010

date night

Friday night we were able to have a grown up date night. Meaning, the kids didn't come along for dinner this time. In fact, they stayed the night somewhere else. A whole night without sleep interruption, AND I got to sleep til 9am. In my earlier days, I would have easily stayed in bed til noon or later. But, ya know... now I have kids who get up early for school or just because they wake up. So I've just gotten used to not sleeping in. Except that sleeping til 9am is sleeping in!

Anyways, my sweet husband brought me flowers. These delicious roses. They're so pretty. It's been awhile since I've received flowers from my husband [married almost 10 years, soooo other things become priority, ya know?]. But they are beautiful and still sitting on my dinner table.

So we actually had dinner with another couple we know who also had their kids given away for the night ;) It was pretty tasty, and good times. After, we [just me and Toby] went to see a movie. Now that's a rare occasion. But we had fun, though the movie was eh... But I was with my love, allllll pregnant and uncomfortable in my jeans, and I had so much fun with him.

We saw another [obviously younger] couple and he was carrying her on his back, piggy-back style, through the parking lot. It was fun to joke about Toby trying to carry me, large belly and all, on his back. We decided we'd probably just topple backwards. It's funny what we joke about now, after over 10 years of togetherness and nearly four kids born into our lives.

We grow, and we change, and we adapt to what life brings. Then we make jokes. It's how we roll. But most of all, we still love each other and try very hard to keep what we have more than just a marriage, but a real relationship, with jokes, and real conversations, and silly things, and encouraging each other, and the rare alone dates, and all sorts of other stuff. It's hard sometimes, but oh so worth it.

I love him. And I love that we had a date.

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