Tuesday, September 7, 2010

he misses them...

...so instead, he pesters the dog. and me. His brothers are now at school all day long. There's something I didn't realize about them staying home all summer long. I didn't realize how much they entertained the little one. I didn't really realize how much the little one LOVES to have big brothers around to play with.

Jonyn has been unusually fussy and cranky since school started up. I find that he wants to be next to me, on top of me, in my face more, and he really doesn't like me to work or ANYTHING on the computer with them gone. He wants someone to pester to get a reaction out of too. So he's taken it upon himself to bother our big-O Weimaraner, Missy. Missy is a finicky dog. She SO didn't like our oldest boy. But she LOVES number two. The third kid, however? No way, uh uh, 'please keep that child away from me!'. She won't hurt them. But heck NO she doesn't want them around her. So Jonyn thinks its great that she gets up and runs away and makes a negative sound every time he tries to sit on her, grab her nose, her ears, check out her boobies, grab her paws. So he follows her and bothers her some more. Til he gets bored with that and comes to see what I'm doing.

I do entertain him, but mercy, sometimes I would like TWENTY minutes to do some work stuff on the computer.


I got stuff to take care of, kid!

Don't he know?

He misses his brothers.

Also? He's figured out how to turn my computer chair around so I will pick him up. stinker...

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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