Saturday, September 4, 2010

it's all about the belly

1. My belly holds bowls quite nicely when I sit on my couch to have a bowl of something to eat.

2. It sits against the steering wheel when I drive.

3. I went to sit in a booth yesterday where the whole booth and table are attached to the wall.... I couldn't fit. Seriously. I had to trade places with Toby. Go ahead, I give you permission to laugh... Toby did ;)

4. Aside from breastfeeding... I want my body back. I'm ready to have a normal body and wear normal clothes. And have normal amounts of energy.

5. My maternity jeans are painful to wear now. I think I'm gonna wear pj bottoms everywhere I go now. They're just too comfy to resist at this stage. And surely, no one will mind.

6. Oh and my belly sits against my desk too when I type. It's the only way to reach the keyboard.

7. I told Toby this morning that I looked like I had giant bubble as a belly.

8. Obviously, my belly obstructs the view to my feet, and the ground, and sometimes Jonyn. [obviously].

9. That things only gonna get bigger in the next few weeks. (thing = belly {not baby, though he is too}).

10. The expectant mom parking at the local grocery store around here is my best friend. No really, I tell that spot how much I love it every time it's empty and waiting for me.

11. I love being pregnant so incredibly much, but I love when it's over too... and I get to snuggle my fresh newborn.

Happy Labor Day weekend, homies... I hope it's great!


  1. i could have said all 11 my very own self...while recently pregnant this is. so adorable. i'm going to follow you. i feel like we have a lot in common...although I hope next pregnancy is pink ; ) but i have a feeling it will be blue. but gosh, everyday i'm growing more and more fond of boys and being a boy mom. they are so entertaining!

  2. You look great.... are you going to do a maternity shoot. I know it maybe a little hard being you are the photg but you are super beautiful while prego.. NOT saying when you arent prego you are not just you wear that baby well!!!

  3. I always loved that convenient place to tuck a pen at the top of my belly (well, when sitting down of course). Brooke, yes your belly is a really something, but then, you really have something special growing inside there too. :)


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