Saturday, September 25, 2010

it's a chocolate gravy kind of morning

The kind of morning that's dreary and drizzly and rainy and wet. And fall-y. I tend to embrace each and every season as it comes without too much complaint. Though, during the hottest part of summer, I do find myself occasionally stating how hot it really is.

But this morning, all the kids were up before the sun. At 6:15. On Saturday. After I climbed out of bed, I knew it was one of those mornings. The kind where the TV stays off because you can hear the rain. The kind that begs for something warm to come out of the oven. Something filling. So I found my favorite Chocolate Gravy recipe. It's so simple and so delicious and so smooth. I encourage you to try it. I found myself craving it last night actually, and decided this morning we'd have Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy instead of the regular white stuff. Oh how delicious it was. The boys loved the small surprise too. Normally it's cereal or oatmeal. Jonyn loved it and had it everywhere, but can you blame him? I'd get it all over my face too if I was his size!

I love the weather at this very moment. I didn't really expect fall to show herself quite so soon. We're in Texas, and usually Texas doesn't play along with how the weather should be. But today, oh today... it is so delicious outside. Cooler temperatures. Rainy, but not stormy. A steady sound falling outside making today seem like the perfect day to bake. Cookies. Brownies. Bread. It's the perfect fall feeling today. At least for me. And I love it!

It's also yet another sign that this baby is close, so close, to being here. I have two spring babies, and I will now have two fall babies. It's pretty perfect. Also? A little secret? [this might be our last baby]. Confession: I'm so so ready for the stage where I'm simply raising my kids and no longer birthing them. A stage where they can fend for themselves, take care of themselves, entertain themselves. A stage where I can fully enjoy things without interruptions.

Don't get me wrong, I am completely and totally in love with newborns and even toddlers. But I've been doing this since I was 20. I'm now 28 and will be doing this for another 4 years or so.... I will enjoy and embrace every moment I have at this stage with my babies, but at the same time, part of me kind of looks forward to those years when they are all big kids. But only kind of.

Happy Fall! Whatever fall means to you, enjoy and embrace this season of your life. I plan to...

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