Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Oh this busy month just won't quit! And on top of it all, I just happen to have the worst sinus infection that I've had in years. YEARS! Many, many years. Sinus surgery when I was in middle school remedied my sinus issues, but every so often, BAM! one hits me, and this time it has hit me hard. My head feels like it's swollen 100 times bigger. It aches. It's hard to sleep when you can't breathe. I haven't felt this miserable because of my sinuses in a really long time.

So I'm sitting here drinking a warm Double Mocha Cappuccino drink that I found the mix for in my cabinet. It takes me like a year [or more] to get through one small container of this chocolate coffee drink. Don't worry, I checked the date on it. I'm hoping a warm steamy drink will help open my sinuses a little compared to what my usual cold chocolate milk would do.

And this month has brought appointments every.single.week (except the first week). One last week, two this week, two next week, two the last week (if I don't have this baby by then).

The dentist yesterday was seemingly a success.... til the dentist office called to tell me the dentist was going back over my kids' x-rays and found an abscess somewhere on one Kanyon's teeth. Kanyon says none of them bother him, except when the one loose one he has wiggles. Have I mentioned my 5 year old has a loose tooth? But my 7+ year old is holding tightly to all of his? Not a single wiggly one in that child's mouth. He'll probably be the last kid in 2nd grade to lose his first tooth.

So I go every Thursday this month to be checked. Kanyon goes on this next Tuesday to have his tooth yanked out. Baby Jonyn gets shots the next Tuesday. *sigh* It's all part of having kids, right? Oh, and what's crazy? My kids don't eat sweets regularly, they don't have sugary drinks, they brush twice a day, floss daily, and rinse with mouth wash every night. Yet, they've had so many issues with their teeth. Especially Kanyon.

Also? I've made a friend I'm pretty sure I might slightly kind of a little bit be taking advantage of. Sort of. She helped me get my kids closets in order and organized for when we rearrange the bedrooms and move kids around when this fourth boy is born. It's pretty amazing when you have someone who knows what the heck to do with all your stuff. We filled an entire giant trash bag full of stuff that I know I won't miss. Plus she's helping me paint what will be the older two boys' new room. I can't wait to get it all finished. I'm so thankful for good friends!!

On top of all that, it's still in the NINETIES here. 90+ degrees. When's the cooler weather supposed to start swinging by? Even just a dip in the 80s would be great...

Anyways, my plan is to have a baby this month... we'll see how that goes. I hope the rest of your September is fantastic and maybe a little less crazy busy than mine!

Happy Wednesday, homies...

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  1. Having a baby this month sounds like a great plan! ;) Best wishes for these last few weeks, my friend.


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