Friday, September 10, 2010

thirty SEVEN

Three weeks left to go.... ahhhh sweet. I really can't wait. I'm anxious and excited and seriously wanting to go into labor all on my own without the help of doctors and drugs... *sigh* we'll see. I looked up some natural labor inducers the other day, and well... some are very interesting, some are fun, and some are just flat out strange. or crazy.

I had my appointment yesterday morning. I've only dilated to 1cm. It's a gain, at least. Baby is head down, which I knew. He has been for a while. No weight gain for me this week, which is a shocker. BP is good as always. And I go back again next Thursday and hope and pray for more dilation!!

I still get those pesky Braxton Hicks. Lately, they've not been as painful or as often. I'm starting to feel that nesting bug. And I'm starting to feel really good lately. I know that nesting is starting when I decide to sweep instead of sleep during my baby's nap time. My energy is up for sure. Though sometimes by the very end of the day, I feel totally wiped. I'm thankful that throughout the day I feel like doing things... like sweeping, laundry (which is caught up by the way), putting away the dishes, straightening things I would normally just ignore. I have a strong desire to make my whole house totally organized and clean lately... before peanut #4 makes his arrival...

On an unrelated note, my sweet husband, who I have not seen much of this week (bleh) has set up a date for us tonight. I'm extremely grateful and very much looking forward to it. Just dinner and a movie. We rarely go out to movies, so it ought to be fun. He even arranged for the childcare (thank you KK) with out me asking or prompting or knowing. Those are the kind of dates I like. He plans it, gets the childcare set up, and says we're going!! Makes me love him just a little bit more. And the kids are even staying the night over there! One more childless night before the wee one gets here. It's moments like this that make me completely grateful for the people I have in my life. I'm utterly undeserving, but so very thankful.

So my real dilemma here?? What, oh WHAT shall I wear? I've pretty much been choosing comfort over cutesy. Yesterday, I actually chose jeans. Mostly because they're too big for me and I knew they wouldn't squish my belly like all the other pants I have. So I spent all day yanking on and pulling my pants up. It was kind of ridiculous.

Anyways, I hope your weekend is great! I will spend today cleaning and tonight enjoying time with my spouse, tomorrow resting, and Sunday will be church and Life Group. Good times...


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  1. Hang in there girl, When i had gretchen i was 1 cm forever like 2 weeks and got checked on a wed. and was still 1cm and then bam on friday, everything happened!!! 1 week before my due date.. LOL... Yay for the no kids and spouse time!!! Have a great weekend!!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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