Thursday, September 23, 2010


And there he is... all tucked away in warmth and goodness. for now. But soon, oh how i hope soon, that little boy inside my womb will make his appearance. And then he'll experience a whole 'nother level of warmth and goodness. My heart waits anxiously to meet him and hold him and snuggle him....

I still refer to that little stinker above as the baby. I'm guessing that's going to change. Instead, he'll be known as Meanie... really, it's catching on. He's rotten.

WHOA! and HELLO! there belly I cannot see past to my feet. The details??

I'm dilated to 3cm. The good ol' doc wanted to induce me Saturday... or tomorrow. Nuh-uh. Not yet. So we're scheduled for the 29th, Wednesday. BUT again, I'm 3cm. The doctor said I'm a good 3cm, meaning, I'm probably closer to 3 1/2cm. THANK HEAVENS!

When he walked out of the room today, he said he'd be in town all weekend, and he thinks I'll go into labor on my own over the weekend. Really? Because I would be okay with that.... as long as I get some more stuff done today.

Which I will be going through my list in a minute.

So, at the very latest, we'll be having a baby by Wednesday. A fourth boy. A sweet little thing to love. But I'm really wanting him to come on his own, before then....
{front view}


  1. excited about your 4th boy!


  2. Yay! Now go run around your backyard, jumping and kicking a ball around with your boys. And then accidentally have the baby in the car on your way to the hospital. Or... maybe not. ;) (It worked out well for me)

    Prayers for a wonderful everything this time around!

  3. YAY!! I am excited for you and your family!!Cant wait to see pictures of the newest addition!!Will be prayin for you!!!

  4. I love you friend!! And I'm so excited for you guys! Definitely praying for Jonyn and his easy, painless transition!! LOL Can't wait!!!


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