Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Babywearing saves my sanity

1. Today, a certain sweet baby just completed his fourth week of life. How is he already  four weeks old?

2. Today has already started out way better than yesterday. Though, Jonyn is still destroying the house. But he's not non-stop fits so far...

3. Today I'm saying THANK YOU to all my friends and family who have said just what I needed to hear. You were God's vessels and I thank you for those words and your prayers.

4. Today I did NOT get up when I wanted, but still got up earlier and had my moments with the Lord.

5. Today I feel refreshed and rested... at least more so than usual.

6. Today, I'm mostly caught up on the laundry.

7. Today I plan on baking something. Anything. I got the itch. And I want some sweets. So I'm baking. Hopefully... if babies and time allows.

8. Today I walked the boys to school and really enjoyed to cooler temperatures.

9. Today I plan on showing you my hair.

10. Today I really want to take some photos and do some editing. I want to be creative again. I may just try and get all four spawns into the same picture this evening. We'll see....

11. Today, I want you to have a great day. Bye friends!

ps. 12. And yesterday? I wore both babies at the same time to keep my sanity from slipping away forever.

13. And yesterday? Is so over!

ps again... 14. I know it's a random title

but ps again... 15. It's a true title.

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