Tuesday, October 19, 2010

crazy busy nuts

It's been a little nuts around here lately. Really, it has. Yesterday was spent running errands. That meant a little ten minute nap for Jonyn between places. And a nursing session sitting in the car. Also? I was wrong. It's not that someone touched my freshly fresh newborn yesterday while at Wal-Mart in the sling. No in fact, no one's dirty Wal-Mart hands other than mine touched his precious self. No. But a stranger did kiss him. *I'm pretty sure I just saw your eyebrows shoot up into your hairline as you read that.* It's true. A lady in scrubs stopped us and was saying something, then just leaned in and kissed his noggin. And walked away all smiley. I know. It should be an unwritten rule.... a) don't touch the pregnant belly, unless I know you. and b) don't touch the new baby, unless I know you. Sheesh!!

Anyway, no nap yesterday meant one cranky kid during the evening. Yikes. It was mad. I had diapers in the dryer (I know, bad girl. Trust me, I'd rather sun them, but time got the best of me) and I was waiting for them to finish so I could have something for Jonyn to wear to bed. So I finally got him to crash about 9:30 or so. Also, the baby was already asleep at this point. So that meant I had some time for me last night!! I'm not even sure what I did with my time until I went to bed. All I know is that no one was saying Mom or crying or throwing things my direction.

Today, was nuts too. On the verge of tears nuts. I think either God is really trying to get my attention. Or Satan is really trying to discourage me. Both are working.... *sigh* Plus apparently my hormones have still not regulated because lots of stuff makes me cry. or at least almost cry. Like, almost everything.

Oh, and Jonyn loves to take over the baby swing when baby is out of it....

Except yesterday, when he tried to take it over while baby was in it. I came out of the bathroom to the baby screaming. Then later on I noticed the bruise by Brennen's eye. Clearly, Jonyn knows when to pounce - when Mom runs to the potty.

Also, I've been in this creative/photography slump. Like MAY-JOR. I think lots of it had to do with my lack of energy and pregnancy related blahs. I have some energy back. I feel more like myself, except for the crying crap. So I'm really anxious to jump back in, learn some new tricks. Also, a certain friend of mine will be happy to know that I think I've figured out back button focusing. Oh yes ;) We'll be trying that out in greater depth tonight during Kanyon's 6th birthday session. I've totally slacked on that. See, it's usually tradition that I take their birthday pictures the day of their big day. Not this year. You see... I had a baby. The end.


  1. 1. Okay, did you just join CM or did you just finally get your banner up!?
    2. Lady- it's okay to use your dryer! You're going nuts and using a modern appliance is not a sin. ;)
    3. I can't decide if I should say baby looks tiny or Jonyn looks huge in that photo. Love his leg up in the air. He's just non-stop isn't he?
    4. A few weeks after our Bean was born our (at that time) 2 year old said he wanted to break her and smash her to pieces. A bruise? You're doing okay. A mom has gotta pee once in awhile.
    5. BBF. The first thing I'm going to do to my new toy when it arrives!

  2. Oh how I love you and your mommy ramblings!! You rock!


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