Saturday, October 9, 2010

a great day for a birthday

 {not the best photos ever. and see little brother?}
 My sweet Kanyon. My number 2. He turned six years old on Thursday. It's still so hard to imagine that it's been that long since I've given birth to him. And since then I've had 4 other pregnancies and two other baby boys. He's a little brother and a big brother. He has a huge heart and gets overly excited about almost anything. He sings. a lot. {kinda like his Daddy}. He's curious about the world around him. He's working on learning what each letter of the alphabet sounds like and he tries to figure out what [almost] every word starts with. He loves fiercely - his big brother and little ones too. He knows who died to save him. And he knows his memory verses. He's a little reserved; takes him a long time to warm up to new people and places. But I see him coming [way] out of his shell more and more everyday. He loves hugs. He loves board games. And video games. And movies. And all things superhero. And he'll pick chocolate over vanilla any day of the week. When he gets dressed, it's more skater boy than anything else. Casual is always his pick. {very opposite of his older brother}. He's polite. And kind. And I love him with my whole heart. Even when we're not getting along. I love him.
 {that's one happy kid}

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