Sunday, October 31, 2010


Trick or Treating? Yeah, we'll pass. Instead, we made a new tradition! A fun one that we LOVE! Of course, we do go to our church's Trunk or Treat thing they do. That's how we get our candy stash ;)

My boys? Are adorable. We dress up.... the cutest Mummy EVER. (also the sleepiest)...
 ...using last year's Mummy wrap from the older boys.... Master Yoda (the costume each of my boys will wear at least once)... a strange alien (also the only costume we spent money on this year)...
 ...and as a Superhero, of course. there's always one in a house full of boys. and yeah, he's posing...
 ... Yoda declined the request for more photos...

The tradition?

Dress up.

Make pigs in a blanket.

Make Rice Krispies treats (I didn't feel well, so we skipped this step this year [sad face]).

Watch two movies (kid friendly, of course).

Take a family photo of us on the couch together.
 {see my hair??}

This year, because it's on a Sunday, we did one movie on Saturday night, and one tonight so we could still make our bed time.

The movies?

Astroboy (a slightly not so good movie).

and Inkheart (loved it).

Happy Dress Up Day!

ps... the Mummy Baby was such a huge hit at Trunk or Treat! I do believe he was the cutest kid there ;)

2009 HERE.

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  1. LOVE the mummy! Pure awesomeness. (And your hair is cute too)


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