Tuesday, October 12, 2010

reflections and baby news

I'm laying here in bed next to my sleepy Jonyn who occasionally makes a sweet sleeping sound. My newest love is at the foot of my bed snoozing in his pack 'n play/bassinet. He too makes sweet sleeping sounds while he naps.

I've caught myself getting caught up. I went to my husband's facebook page a little bit ago and read all the updates he posted during our delivery and watched the videos (a few for the first time) too. It was overwhelming all the support that was posted there from all of our friends and family. You guys don't realize how much you are loved. I'm so incredibly thankful for the life the Lord has given us and for all the people He has so gracefully placed in our path.

Some we care deeply about but have never met except for some internet exchanges via blogs or video games or whatever. And some are so close to my heart it hurts me to see them hurting and I rejoice with them when they rejoice. I'm so overwhelmed by the people God has used to bless us and to minister to us. It's amazing to see His glory in them.

Watching those videos of Toby's updates made me realize that Brennen already feels like he's always been part of our family instead of only having been born 13 days ago. Tomorrow he's two weeks old. Has it been that long? And only been that short time since he was born? Time does fly, but knowing your child has been in your family since before you even knew he existed makes time seem to stretch. God knew he was ours since always. I knew he was ours when he was snug in my womb. He's blessed our lives already in these 13 days.

Today I feel like I tortured him. It was a rough late morning/early afternoon. Brennen had his first check up and oh it was the very opposite of pleasant. The doc had to cut his circumcision ring off because it wasn't healing properly. And I'm pretty sure that even I was in pain watching it happen and listening to my baby cry but not be able to hold him against me. It's best that we took it off, however. That way there are no do-overs. Then he got the heel stick. But I got to snuggle him during that. My heart broke for him. He's been napping since before we left the office. The visit wore him out. But I will say that I absolutely adore our pedi. He even came by his office on Saturday to have a look at Brennen. That was pretty great and kept me from worrying the next 3 days.

Anyways, he's grown a bunch since his birth: 7lbs 3.0oz and 21in long. That's a gain of 1lb .5oz and 1 3/4in. Though he still looks super tiny to me. He eats really well. And yesterday was the first day he stayed awake for any real length of time. He was eyes open awake twice for an hour each time. I was surprised. Though I shouldn't have been. Ya know, since I've had 3 other kids and I know they eventually start to spend more time awake... 

I am an incredibly blessed and grateful Momma.....

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL observation that God knew our children all along. I think you get caught up in your own "stuff" sometimes and forget that He knows how everything works out in the end. I know through our infertility it was definitely hard to see light at the end of the tunnel month after disappointing month! But He knows and He knew all along where we would be every step of the way!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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