Friday, October 15, 2010


The older boys named him Marvin. Why? I dunno. Especially since he was about to be carved into a WEREWOLF! How many werewolves do you know named Marvin?

Anyways, the boys carved a pumpkin a few days ago. And when I say the boys, I really mean Dad. Though, Taylan and I were the only two actually brave enough to stick our hands in there and handle the seeds and the stringy insides. Kanyon said no way. Dad said it was gross.

Pretty cool huh? He's got tiny teeth because his real teeth kinda broke :/ We plan on getting another pumpkin or 3 and carving them up too! This pumpkin and carving kit was from the grandparents! Thanks Mamoo and Papa!! The boys loved it!!

ps. I'm so excited about our Halloween tradition :) And it's not trick-or-treating...

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