Saturday, October 23, 2010


The other day... I saw a post that led me to a tutorial on how to make crowns out of leaves. I thought it would be way fun to do this with my boys after early release. They got out of school at 1pm and I really wanted to be a good mom and find something creative for them to do since they were going to be home two hours early.

Yeah, well, I couldn't get it to work like I wanted. I stink. Pretty much. But it was all good, really. I had them draw a tree trunk and glue the leaves on it like a tree. In my head, they were going to use lots of leaves and make a big pretty tree. This is Kanyon's:

Three leaves are totally plenty. And I'm not entirely sure what's going on, other than it's supposed to be night time. Notice the line of black at the top? Yeah, night time. And that green thing on the left? A ghost. That's all I know.

This one is Taylan's:

I get this picture. A blue kid running from a yellow ghost yelling "SAVE ME!" It's also night time. And his tree is a little fuller. Also, there's pretty flowers that surround a Jack-O-Lantern.

It was fun for them, even though it wasn't what I planned or what I had promised them we'd do. But I did try. I did. I guess the effort is what counts.

Also? While trying to be a crafty Momma, I managed to step in a HUGE ant pile. By the time I realized this, my shoe was covered and they were making their way up my pant leg. Lucky... I only got bit twice. Once on the ankle, and once below my fingernail. Dumb ants....

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