Friday, October 22, 2010

three weeks

My sweet bundle of softness and grunts and love and precious turned three weeks old on Wednesday. I can't believe it. Already. He is pretty perfect. But he definitely hit that three-week-nurse-nonstop mark. Definitely. In fact, the girls aren't even filling up because he EATS ALL THE TIME! But he's still incredibly cute, even if he is literally attached to me every minute. And even if I have to carry him around in a sling. Which I absolutely don't mind. Things get accomplished, and I get to have him snuggled right up against me. In fact, it's how I'm able to blog right now (and actually type w/two hands!!). And I'm about to go make Jonyn's lunch do laundry with him. (Stay tuned for more about my laundry later. Exciting business, I know!!). Also, I know he feels safe and secure when he's all bundled up in a carrier with his ear up next to my heart beat. Gosh, I love this baby. And my other three, too.

Does the newborn stage really have to end so soon?
 I never get tired of baby feet.
 *sigh* heart = full


ps... wanted to mention... I got my ring sling pattern from HERE. I made my wrap from 5 yards of fabric cut lengthwise. And the pattern for my Mei Tai style carrier I got at Hancock Fabrics.

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