Saturday, October 9, 2010

what a friday...

Oh dear. My number 3 is Trouble. Capital T. He is a mess. He is fearless, unless it's the Chuck E. Cheese mouse, then he gets a little afraid. And toy hamsters, those make him back away too.

Anyhow, Friday... *sigh* My climber was into everything. I can't even remember all the nutty things he did. There were so many!

I do know he tore up a kleenex and left me little tiny pieces all over the floor.

He pushed a chair to the fridge and ripped down my calendar. (And pushed the chair to random light switches all day to flip them on and off).

He went trash can diving and got that piece of cardboard that a store bought cake comes on. And when I realized what he had (I was nursing the babe), I got up to get it from him and he ran! So I put the baby down, and tracked him down and found him hiding in his brothers' closet picking pieces of leftover cake off the cardboard.

He pushed the chair to the counter and found a cup and a knife and was stirring an invisible drink with the sharp object. (No one was hurt during that ordeal).

And then, he learned of somewhere else he could climb.

He was just making sure all his brothers' cups had straws in them... that's all...

See the chair? Yeah, he walked all the way around the counter top to get to that cabinet. That cabinet on the right that's open? It's where I keep food. I was shocked he hadn't found something to rip open and eat.

And lastly? There was a KFC bucket (from when the in-laws were here) on the stove. Daddy-o had the leftovers for lunch, or dinner, or something. So he left the bucket on the stove -usually no big deal- with a couple of biscuits still in there. Little stinker found it and got a hold of the biscuits and ever so proudly walked around the house chomping on them!

My child is a busy one. Oh so busy, all the time.


ps.. sorry for the crappy images. It was night and we only had a lamp or two on and I didn't want him to see me snapping photos, so I didn't turn on any other lights or do anything to improve the quality of these photos. It was my way of being sneaky... and yes, my son rocks a purple diaper!

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