Saturday, November 20, 2010

her name is Sallie

Our newest family member. We adopted her. Kinda feels like we rescued her. We thought about it and weighed the pros and cons. We went to the shelter everyday for a week. She was there each day. She had a previous owner, but they had yet to come look for her. After much consideration, we brought her home. She's a Basset Hound mix. She's adorable. And soft. And cute. And pretty. And playful. And loves the boys already. Jonyn's already tested her. She passed. Missy's being protector, she's still not on board with the new girl.
We almost got a tiny puppy instead, though it seems this girl is still pretty young. She's at least had some house training, which a tiny puppy would not have had. And she knows exactly how to hop up on and lay herself on the couch. We're working on this. Other than that, she's been great so far. She's transitioned into our home easily. Except for Missy trying to dominate her. But I'm sure we'll get past that in time.

Why Sallie? you ask. Well, it's simple. Molly was an obvious choice, so was Lucy. But I pulled Sallie out of thin air, suggested it, then we took a vote on the three names. Sallie won. So she's a Sallie. A cute Basset named Sallie.

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