Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love you Fall.

Ever take a picture and think, I LOVE this, but I bet everyone else won't see what I see. No? Just me? Okay then. Sometimes I'll take photos of random stuff around the house and yard and try to make it look pretty or interesting. Stuff isn't my thing. I'm better at people photography. At least I think I am.

But these few photos, I love. I was really just messing with my camera. If I don't keep in camera shape and use my settings often, I forget what everything means and get sloppy with my camera. SO, I had to brush up today.

Oh no, these are not the most technically perfect photos. But that's okay for me. Because I love them. And they remind me of the warm fall sunshine mixed with the cool fall breeze. Perfect combination? I think so. 

Also, I was playing around with my filters. I have like 4 (or something), and only keep the UV ones on my lenses. Today, I put the other ones on the camera. Can't remember if I used one when these were taken. It's possible. Either way, I was just snapping away today, and it felt really good to feel good and be out in the air and sunshine and breeze. It felt really good to hold my lovely machine in my hands and snap snap snap away. At Jonyn, pecans, the pups, the fence, the pretty clouds.... it felt good to feel like a photographer again. Like a real one. 

Because since the end half of my pregnancy? I've felt like poo... not like a picture taker. Not like a Mom really wanting some snaps of her kids. I was a largely pregnant Mom too tired and lazy and worn out to walk to where my camera sat five steps away. But not now... now I'm getting my energy back. It feels so good.

Also? I fit back into my jeans last week. Not my one-size-too-big pairs either. Nope. I fit into the ones I was wearing before I got pregnant. That was nice. And a self esteem booster too. Jeans don't make the person. But there's nothing like knowing you can wear a pair of jeans that you know look good on you. I wear jeans allthetime.everywhere. so, I am glad to have my jeans back again. Know what I mean?

*happy sigh*

I love fall.

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