Monday, November 1, 2010

if only

If only I had a magical hovering camera that followed each of my kids around all the time and automatically took a picture at the precise moment something amazing or even average happens, that would be great.


It would have caught my toddler trying to jump with both feet. He's been practicing.

It would have caught my baby smiling at me for the first time today. My heart turned to mush.

It would have caught Jonyn messily enjoying a whole apple, seeds and all.

It would have caught the moment Taylan broke the toilet.

It would have caught whatever it was the toddler did to make the baby cry.

It would have caught Jonyn trying to share his cheerios so sweetly with me by bringing them to me one at a time from the table.

It would have caught our good night hugs, and Jonyn's night-night kisses where he leans in forehead first to let you kiss him.

It would have caught Kanyon wrapping his arms around Jonyn as I put him in bed with his big brother.


And it would have caught me being a better me today. A better Mom. A Mom who last night decided that there should be a no screaming rule in our house. The boys are not allowed to yell at each other. And I am not allowed to yell at them. It would have caught me having slightly more patience today. Even though I only had 10 minutes to do one tiny thing today. Even though the baby was more demanding today. And had my attention Even though other non-mom things are frustrating me, I was a better me. And for that, all glory goes to our Lord. Who I actually spent some time with today, even if it wasn't at the butt-crack of dawn {sorry, it's jus' how we say it 'round these here parts ;) }.


No, that magical camera would not be nearly as fun as Mom capturing the moment herself, but at least the memory would be more than words and fading images in her mind...

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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