Monday, November 15, 2010

in threes

You've heard that things happen in threes, right? I think I believe it now.

It's been four days. Three scary things have happened.

Friday: I'm at the movie store. Baby is strapped securely on me in the sling. Jonyn is walking beside me holding my hand. He likes to do this thing where he holds your hand, then lets go for a second and grabs back on. So he did that, several times. The last time, he let go, but never grabbed my hand again. I spun furiously looking for him. Then I started calling his name, getting louder each time. *insert heart beating out of chest* After a few seconds, I found him. He saw something as we were walking by and went to have a second look. In SEVEN+ years of parenting, not once has that happened. I nearly cried right there. I'm sure I looked crazy. But I was scared, y'all. But it made me realize I take his hand holding for granted and really it means nothing if I'm not keenly aware of what's going on around me at all times.

Saturday: Jonyn starts screaming at the top of his lungs. I immediately realize it's because he's in pain. Look up, and his hand is in the door while a big brother keeps trying to force it shut. FORCE it shut. I was trying to diaper and dress the baby. All I could do was shout STOP repeatedly and get up and run to him. It's all I could say because all I could think was that my baby was gonna have broken fingers or severely cut fingers and we were about to make a trip the hospital. Thankfully, it was actually the meatiest part of his hand that was caught. So the bones were a little more protected and he just had a giant crease in his had.

In the past, the boys would do this high pitch scream that would make it sound like they were hurt, but they were just playing around. We quickly squelched that habit because we wanted them to understand the difference between playing sounds and hurt sounds. This situation allowed us to 'show' them what hurt screams sound like. And if brother's are screaming like that, something is wrong. Stop what you're doing and see what's wrong. Also, if the door doesn't shut, THERE'S A REASON!

Sunday: ahhh, good day.

Monday: Our stove almost blew up. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but oh how I thought it was going to. I had turned it on to let it preheat for Jonyn's lunch. It was on maybe five minutes. I'm standing in front of it, but not up next to it. I was close to the table, where Jonyn was eating something else I made for him instead. The stove starts buzzing, I look over, it's glowing red. I yell FIRE! Toby gets up to come take care of it. It suddenly starts buzzing really loud and is glowing brighter, I had the baby in my arms, so I yank Jonyn from the table by his arm and start towards the hallway because I just knew it was gonna explode. Momma bear was in action. And in the process, his lunch went to the floor. I knocked it off in my rush to get my babes out of potential danger. My heart was racing. All I could think was SAVE THE BABIES! But now, all is well, and we think we just need a new coil.

But seriously? Must ALL BAD THINGS happen so close together? I probably gained 3 new wrinkles and I'm sure there's now some gray hair up there! Also, pretty sure my heart gotta a work out...


  1. Oh gosh, what a train ride. Hopefully the scary moments are gone, now that there's been 3...right?

  2. And today, here, the four year old caught his... well, you know... in his pajama zipper.

    I'm pretty sure every day of parenting takes another day off my life. Maybe that's a good thing. ;)


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