Friday, November 19, 2010


I mentioned last week on my Facebook page that all four of my children were down and out by about 8pm. Rare occasion, people. Rare. Especially considering that we go up and down with getting the toddler to go to bed on his own. It was great for a short time. Not so much at the moment.

Anyways, because all of my sweet babies were asleep so early, I decided I would make Chocolate Lava Cakes for Toby and me. Mostly for me. Chocolate is my enemy, but I treat it like my friend. It's what's making me put on those extra pounds right now. Such a waste after losing all that baby weight.
So, anyhow. Focus, Brooke, focus. For the love. I made me us some delish dessert. As usual, I had the baking ingredients on hand. It's not unusual for me to just swing by the baking aisle while shopping and grab a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, or milk chocolate, or whatever tickles my fancy that day, and throw them in my cart. Ya know, just in case I have time to bake, or people are coming over. And good thing I'm crazy like that. Otherwise, I mighta just died from a chocolate craving. Hey wait, aren't these cravings supposed to stop after you have the baby??
Well, whatever, these babies were SO worth the tiny amount of effort it took. Seriously, they were easy. and quick. I just changed the serving size to five (because it gave me even amounts), and whipped up these bad boys. Oh I'm hungry for them again just thinking about gooey goodness in the center of chocolaty warmth.
I forgot to take a picture of the after after. This below is after they were done. But not after I dressed it with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Gosh they were gooood. You should so make them. They're easy. And made in individual servings. Perfect, I tell you, perfect.

side note: I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of bittersweet.

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