Friday, November 5, 2010

the little dudes in my home

Not too long ago, I shared this picture on my Facebook page:

I made a serious attempt at getting all four of my monkeys into the same picture looking halfway normal. It started out like the photo above. Totally cracked me up when I pulled them up in Bridge and started looking through them. Jonyn started crying as soon as I sat him down. I mean he already had a snotty nose, why not add a few tears and some more snot to it? After some more crying, we kinda took a mini break and I put the baby in biggest brother's arms to get this:

I shared that photo too. LOVE. It's my bald old man. He had hair at first. Not so much now. And now it continues to fall out. The only kid of mine to lose any hair at all. And it's on top, making him look a bit, well, like a balding gentlemen. Kinda funny.

Then someone gave Jonyn a stick with a leaf stuck on the end. It made him happy. See? :

Put 'em all back together again, and you get this, the best shot I managed. We had to lay the baby down, because Taylan's arms were tired. Jonyn was not having anything to do with me this time either. But that's okay. These are my kids, and hey, I like it:

So next, the second biggest brother wanted to hold the baby like the biggest brother, and oh my wow, I SO love this one.  heart = mush. totally:

And I got a few of the baby alone. That crease in his forehead? Same as his Daddy's:

He's so precious. And all my dudes are amazing. I love them. So incredibly much. What would my life be like if I had not chosen to be a Momma? I don't even wanna guess. I love this crazy, busy, hectic life. Even if I do lose my ever lovin' mind occasionally. What Mom doesn't.

I love my boys. I love my Lord for letting keep these boys in my care for a temporary moment in time. My prayer is that they will grow up to be strong Christian men, strong in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray it everyday.

And even though my heart desires a daughter, it would appear that Lord knows it would be more than I can handle and therefore has not given me that girl. I am at absolute peace with this. I'm done birthing kids. That season is over. Now, I will raise my kids up, hopefully in a way that pleases the Lord. I have boys. And I am happy. I have boys that make me laugh, cry, yell, and fill my heart completely to the top and overflowing with love. They are mine. For now.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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