Monday, November 22, 2010

Me... and boy four

Lame. Call me lame. I should have taken this sooner. Like at the first of the month. But, ya know, new baby, tired, brainless Momma means I'm lame. Or just tired. So anyways, Momma got a new toy, so we had to try it out. Plus Momma has even had her camera out for 6 days in a row! Gosh, I'm lame. But so happy to be back in the picture takin' game. Or mood. Whichever.

So here's me and the baby. I don't love everything about every photo. But there is at least one thing about each one that I do love.

 {he was so done}
Also, I could snuggle him allthetime.

Also, where has the time gone and how is it already the week of Thanksgiving?

Also? The boys will be out of school for 5 days straight wish me luck so I'm going to try to get a shot of me and my first born. Since I have one of me and boy 2 and boy 3. And now boy 4.  (We'll see how that goes).

To join in next month, follow Jess's blog and post a picture of yourself when the Linky goes up!

Just try not to be as lame as me and wait til the end of the month to do so, mkay? ;)

[the rest of my selfies: Facing Myself. in case you get curious. or bored.]


  1. Beautiful!! My two faves are #2 and 3. #2 is definitely top of the list!! Love these. You should do momma/kiddo portraits more and your boys are all so photogenic! Love you friend!

  2. I always love your chocolatey b&w conversions. (Or is it just my uncalibrated monitor?)

    What a cutie, he's getting so big already! WHY do they always do that?!


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