Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh dogs...

When they first met, there was growling and barking and a little snapping. Nothing too explosive. Just a little I'm the boss going down. And these are MY humans. You know, like what big dogs who staked their claim first do...

 "Watch it woman, I was here first. Been here nine years now. Top that."
 "See my face? I will beat you down. Or at least growl like I will."
 "I'm the boss of these here parts."
 "That's MY human. And what kinda name is Sallie?"
"I'm watching you. Every.single.step. And I'm stealing your bed."

Pretty sure I can read dog minds.

or not.

And don't worry, they're getting to know each other, and have tried to play just a tad.

More like, Sallie tries to play, Missy just snarls and tells her to get away.

True story.

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