Friday, November 5, 2010


I've been thinking about my faith a lot lately. Like, a lot. I've been doing better about being present before the Lord. About spending time with him. About praying. For others, for myself. In fact, I even made a prayer schedule. It sounds funny. But it works. It's just a piece of notebook paper that I put Daily Prayers at the top and made a list of things and people I need to pray for daily. Then I listed each day of the week and put something on each day to pray for other than my daily prayers. Like, the church body, our finances, ministries, missionaries, leadership and teachers, our town, and some other things. I like it. It works for me. It sits in front of my face and helps me keep my prayers focused. I have a very active mind, and imagination (not as active as Toby's however. or a friend of mine's). So my mind tends to wander off and I lose all train of thought and even forget what I was praying over. That happens nearly every time I pray. So, I made a list. And it's actually a list I am sticking to, thankfully. And it's working out quite nicely for me.

Anyhow I was reading a different blog yesterday and mentioned in it was THIS. I love how it's written. I love how it's so easy to understand. I love how it could possibly be a tool for those we are witnessing to.

So, just wanted to share that link.

Have a fantastic day!


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