Sunday, November 28, 2010

rockin' around the Christmas tree

Friday after Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is the first day in the year that trees should start going up in houses all over the world. Not before. Though not everyone shares my thoughts on this subject ;) I just don't like to rush the year along. After all, time? It goes by And while most people refer to it as Black Friday, for us, it's Christmas Tree Day.

So on Friday, we straightened up the house, and got out all of our Christmas stuff. We were able to set up our video camera, too, so my Mom and Nanny could watch the boys put up the tree and see how big the baby had gotten too. We would turn our back from the boys and Taylan would start dancing in front of the camera. Kanyon would make funny faces. We had the screen so we could see ourselves. I don't think they realized that Nana and Nanny were watching real time.
{jonyn in the tree box}
We got it all set up. Got half the ornaments on. Realized we forgot the garland. But, ya know, I just figured that's less for me to have to take down after the holidays. So this year, it's just lights and special ornaments. No decorative ones. I love that. I grew up with a tree that had only our ornaments that meant something on it.
I still have to get a ten year anniversary one for Toby and me (less than a month away:12/22), and a baby's first Christmas for Brennen.

After it was set up, the boys wanted their picture with it. And they decided to pose :) Also? my tree leans to the left. And the boys placed all the ornaments themselves.
Then later, after the boys went to bed, Mom and Dad had some fun! We got all dressed up, and played Rockband!! HERE is the video that inspired it all. Watch because you'll love it! We also did all this real time over the net too. I'm quite sure it was entertaining for the viewers. Though it seems I can't have a lot of fun while I play the bass. Too much work to play and well, play at the same time ;) We had a friend over who sang. (Toby played guitar). Here's our photos after the set:

We realize we're a bit dorky, but that's okay!

Also? I plan on finding me some super awesome leg warmers for next time.

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