Sunday, November 21, 2010

sleepy babe

The other day, it was nap time. Brennen still takes three solid naps a day. I'm pretty thankful for this. Though some days he sleeps less and demands more. Anyways, he was snoozing away when it came time to put Jonyn down. I took him to his room, gave him his night night kisses and walked out. I noticed he was rather quiet and went to sleep pretty quickly. So I went to his room to check on him....

I found him curled up in my bed. Just like this. It was incredibly cute. And he did take a good long nap that day. Which, I was incredibly thankful for my two babies sleeping at the same time. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Those are not always good days.

Also, we go through so many diapers now since we have ran out of disposables. I was using both with the baby until the last couple of weeks. I have to wash diapers every single day. It's okay though. Still beats buying and using disposables. Plus, it helps that I've been caught up on laundry. Go me :)

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