Friday, November 19, 2010


He started smiling at 5 weeks old. It was so precious the first time he looked in my eyes and smiled back.
 The next day, he did it once for Daddy too.

One smile a day for several days was all we got.
Now, I wake up to smiles from my sweet baby.

Smiles and kicking and squirming and almost cooing sounds.
He coos just a smidge. Not a lot. He tries, though. He wants to talk to us. And soon, he will.

He grunts all the time, however. All.the.time. Seriously. Cutest thing ever. Along with the smiles, of course.
Turns out, when you have a baby, or four. Lots and lots of things wind up being the cutest thing ever.

It's true people. Just wait til you're a parent. If you already are, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
But seriously, newborn smiles? Cutest thing ever.

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