Monday, November 8, 2010

snaggle tooth

Ya know... what your parents MUST call you when you start losing your teeth as a kid. And now, I call my son that. He lost his first tooth. 

Okay, it's technically his second tooth missing. See the first one was "sick" so we had to have it pulled, but got a really neat tiny treasure chest with a note in it from the dentist saying his tooth was sick. So the tooth fairy left him a couple of dollars that night. We're reusing that treasure chest.

He's had this loose tooth in the very front for many weeks now. I have just been biding my time and letting it wiggle it's way til it was so loose, Kanyon could pull it himself.

My Nanny always pulled our teeth. But not when they were really really really loose. She wanted to pull them when they were kinda loose, but not loose enough to just pull out with one good yank. Not me, I'm fine letting Kanyon's practically FALL out. Yep, I'm good with that.

He was very proud of himself! Wouldn't you be? But naturally he was more excited about the magical tooth fairy leaving dollars for him so he can take them to school and get ice cream at lunch time. The chocolate flavor, I'm sure. I did make him put half of his hard earned money into his piggy bank though.

Of course last time I did that, he snuck in there (wait, snuck is not really a word?! must be sneaked. Yep, thank you smart computer, but I'll stick with snuck), so he snuck in there and stole his own money out of his piggy bank to get more ice cream the next day. Stinker.

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