Tuesday, November 9, 2010

there's that smile

 It's so good to see this little face be happy and smiley and silly again. Things have been very trying around here lately. Jonyn's teeth cutting PLUS Jonyn's jealousy EQUAL one mean and cranky Jonyn. Not cool. Not fun. Not good.
But playing outside brings out this cute happy baby. Toddler. I keep forgetting he's growing and getting big. Around here, when someone says the baby, we often ask which one.
Anyways, these past several days have been so much better with the toddler. He's been his babbling self. He still won't say words. Like please. And thank you. And drink. And dog. And ball. You know, normal words that toddlers start saying shortly before they turn two.
Instead he says OH DUDE. OH WOW. E-I-E-I-O (that was a one time occurrence, but plain as day). MOMMA. DADDY. Yes, he's usually saying these words really loudly when he says them. He's a loud kid.
 And he fake sneezes all the time. Because he likes to hear us say Bless You in a cute baby talk-y voice. And this child started blowing his nose at like 17 months old. My oldest couldn't til he was 5 years old.
 Anyways, I'm so off topic. My point, is that my toddler is feeling much better and acting much better. He's even going to sleep on his own, in his brother's bed, nap time and night time. He's been happier, and that makes Momma happier...


  1. Love this - that first photo really sucked me in!

  2. And I love the second photo.

    Glad to hear things are starting to feel normal for him again.


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