Saturday, November 27, 2010

walking part 2

Last Saturday, we went walking, and it was so fun, as I mentioned. I said I would share photos that I took. So here they are....

The boys rockpaperscissors to sort out their issues a lot of the time. Ya know, who goes first, who goes last, who gets to play first, who gets the toy first. That kinda stuff. So they rockpaperscissored to decide who would get the camera first on our walk. Kanyon won. This method works so well for us. It solves the issue without whining and without us showing any sort of favoritism [in their eyes].
 This was one lucky shot, I'll gladly admit. I was trying to be all cool and get a photo of all five of us in line walking together, but got this instead. And WHOA my heart fell into a million pieces. Don't you love how images can do that for you? This is number 1 and number 3. *sweet*
My three biggest dudes. My gosh I am blessed. I musta done something right in a past life for God to have let me borrow these precious kids for this time in their lives.
The savvy photogs swapped the camera after a while. Seriously, doesn't he look legit? Like he's a pro with a high profile client base? I think so!
 My Jonyn..... he loves the outdoors.
 This was the image I got seconds before I started to go get him {Jonyn} down, seconds before he fell through and bumped his noggin a little bit. But he's all good. Though the focus is on Jonyn in this one, I LOVE Taylan here. He's getting a picture of bird poo. No lie.
 My dudes...

 cute, right?
 My heart just fell into a million more pieces. How did I get so blessed? I love these kids.
We found a lost frisbee (that now has a new home in our yard), and so the boys had to check the wind direction before they could toss it around. No idea where they got this from. TV is rarely on at the house, so no clue where they picked it up. But still, HILarious!
And then we went home. It was so nice being out with all of them. They were amazing.

It was the total opposite of what we did today:

put out the Christmas decorations,
sort laundry,
do laundry,
Mario Kart,
more Mario Kart,
Rockband (I have secretly always wanted to sing on the game, so I did today w/no threat of Toby walking in on me *scary*),
soup (best homemade Chicken Noodle EVER),
hot chocolate (homemade, of course),

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