Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas craftiness part 2

This one is simple! All you need are the red and white triangle-ish beads (in the Christmas craft section at that craft store I mentioned before). And some pipe cleaners. No white on hand, so we just used the silver ones from our last project.
I shaped them to look like candy canes, folded a tiny section of the pipe cleaner up to keep the beads from slipping off and let the boys thread the beads on.
 It takes great concentration. See?
 He was eager to start another one.
And see here? ta-daaaa! Finished product. The boys even made some a little different. Instead of red, white, red, white... they did red, red, white, white, red, red, etc.
Then of course, those went straight onto the tree too! We had leftover beads, so we may do this project again soon.
I'm praying our oven gets fixed so we can bake stuff together as some of our other Christmas projects.

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