Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas craftiness part 3

Last nights craft was a simple one. White paper, cut into squares, and a pair of kiddie scissors for each boy.
... and shaBAM. snowflakes.
We made like 20 or more.
 It was fun. and easy. and messy. Tiny pieces of paper went everywhere.
But now it's "snowing" in our house, thanks to all the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with ribbon in front of our dining room window and taped to that same window, too.

Since it was in the eighties yesterday, I was hoping it'd make it feel more wintery here. Not so much.
 {evening sunlight through our [dirty] dining room window}

I LOVE that the seasons change. And when winter decides to not show up in mid-December, it saddens me a little. I like change, change is good, fall is so sticking around our parts.

Also, we've not been doing a craft everyday, just most days, and it's been great.

My oven is still broke, so still no baking. Last year, homemade goodies where my gift to all my friends. Looks like this year, it's a no go :( I'm just hoping it'll be fixed in enough time to make sugar cookies with the boys. I'm even thinking of trying homemade ginger bread cookies. We'll see.

peace out, homies!

and happy winter. warm or cold.

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