Friday, December 10, 2010

Chrstmas craftiness part 1

 Remember this first picture? It was part of a Christmas project that we did as a family. We made our own ornaments! I saw the idea somewhere else. Except they had pre-glittered styrofoam balls. I couldn't find any. So I made do.
I went to the craft store (starts with an H ends in an obby Lobby) and picked up some awesome ribbon, sequins (near the felt, who knew? took me to find.), tiny beads, awesome colorful pushpins from the fabric section, glitter, pipe cleaners, craft glue, clear coat spray, and some styrofoam ornaments. You'll also need scissors, paper to catch the excess glitter, and wire cutters for the pipe cleaners (or just do what I did and use old scissors that are already a little dull).
We got it all spread out on the table and went to work. I cut and shaped pipe cleaners into hooks, put them on the ornaments, and then I was basically the glue girl after that. I just put some glue on the ornaments, used my hands to spread it around, then let the boys glitter away!
A little messy? Yes, but that was half the fun! After all the glitz and glamor, I mean glitter and glue, we let the ornaments dry over night. The next day was church, so we waited two days to finish up this project. Meanwhile, we sprayed the ornaments with clear coat so the glitter wouldn't flake off. It worked so well!
After everything was dry, we started decorating these bad boys. Basically, you can do whatever you want. Use the push pins to hold the ribbon in place instead of glue. Also use them to add a little extra flare, thread some beads and sequins onto them before putting them on the ornaments. So much fun for the boys, and maybe me too. And maybe Dad too. :)

Then, we let the kids hang them. Our tree is full of handmade stuff and sentimental ornaments only. It's a scraggly little tree, but the ornaments are what we love more than tree itself.
It was a blast! And we'll have all supplies to do this again next year!

My plan is to do some type of Christmas project each night. So far so good :)

Happy Friday, peeps!

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  1. I love these! This definitely looks doable for someone with my minimal crafting skills, lol.


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