Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been wanting to experiment with long exposures for a while now. I just haven't really taken the time to do so. So last night, me, my fingerless gloves, my scarf, my tripod and my camera went outside to play around and see what we could find.

At first I set my camera to capture the road as cars flew by, but those shots were kinda lame. Only because my surroundings right here are kinda lame. No cool and awesome backgrounds. Just neighborhood scenery. But the streaks of red and white light my long exposure produced were awesome.

So anyways, I pointed to the sky. The moon. Learned a huge lesson. Take my remote with me instead of pushing the button on the actual camera to prevent moving the camera even the tiniest bit!!

Either way, it was so amazing! I'm so geek-ly excited about tonights meteor shower! I even saved the date on my phone calendar so I could remember!!

OOh, you should get out there tonight too, experiment, and we should compare shots from the different areas where we live! YES! (okay, I'm getting overly excited. deep breath. calm down, girl). Though, I still I have tons to learn about long exposure, a little research helped me out some.

So the above shot is Jupiter (the brightest lit 'star') and all the stars surrounding it that I could not see by just looking straight up at the sky. Wicked awesome, yes? I could only see the moon, Jupiter, and a handful of stars scattered about here and there. My camera saw the whole picture and it was so fantastical!

Happy Monday homies!

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  1. Crazy that you posted this, because I was just thinking about re-posting my long exposure pic of the moon that looks like a sunrise. But I really should take some new ones. I've been itching to get out and do some of this again (especially with my new camera), but it's been so cold here. Like, -17F. But I will have to just do it, cold or not.


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