Friday, December 3, 2010

it's pretty perfect

When I had Brennen, my fourth, I knew he'd likely be the last baby. His birth was the most emotional one for me. Even more so than my first born's birth. His is the only one I actually cried tears at. The rest of the boys' births I held the tears in, though the emotions swelled in my throat and my heart.

Brennen's birth marked the beginning of a whole bunch of 'lasts'. And now, this Christmas will be the last time we will have a 'first Christmas' for someone in our home. So this holiday season marks the beginning of the last of a bunch of firsts. (That sounded so confusing I had to read it again myself). My seasons in life with my children are swiftly changing.

It's why I had to find the ornament for Baby's First Christmas this year. And as soon as I saw it, I knew this was the one.


  1. I dislike how it is so hard to settle with the fact that sometimes its just the last time for certain things. That doesn't really make sense but I know what you mean :) We "think" we are done having kids but I still can't get over that Milee would be our last one. It's so hard for me...although I know I can't just keeping having more and more babies (although I wouldn't mind a few more) I've just never been able to understand how someone just "knows" they are done with kids. I can't get that filling for anything!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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