Thursday, December 16, 2010

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It's midnight. My baby is still awake. What's wrong with this picture?

He's nursing right now, I'm laying down, and typing. I'm telling you Moms have talent. We multitask like nobody's business!

Anyways, tonight has ended better than the day started. Thank the Lord. Well, better except that I'm still up. *eye roll here*

It's been crazy these past couple of weeks. The babies want to stay up late and the big kids want to get up entirely too early. What is wrong here? Seriously, sleep times have been so late because one or both little ones want to keep us up.

And this week, the big kids wake up times have been:
Mon: 6:45
Tues: 6:15
Wed: 6:04
And the thing is... they don't even have to get up til  7:00. I tried to convince them to go back to bed and they actually said, "But we want to get up." Fine.

Brennen wants to sleep all day. Then go down for the night around 11pm or so. He's usually out til the morning, so I'm not really complaining too much there. Jonyn is a tricky one. If he naps, he is one happy evening baby, but he won't go to bed at a reasonable hour. If he does not nap, he is one cranky evening kid and will crash on his own sitting beside me on the couch playing with my hair pretty early. See the problem?

I'm tired. And I need a break. I can feel it. I can see it. I'm so short with the kids. I have nearly zero time to myself because of the above mentioned sleep schedules. And now, the babies aren't really napping at the same time like they were a week ago.

But I guess my break is coming. Less than a week til our 10 year anniversary, and we'll be dining out with out small hands needing something and small feet running crazy around our legs. I do love those moments, but gorsh, a break? Yeah, that sounds so heavenly right now. (Except, I don't know how I feel about leaving the breastfeeding one for too long).

Also, I still say "No" a hundred times a day to Jonyn. Along with "Get down from there," "Get out of that," "What are you doing now?!" and "Stop it!" ....just to name a few.


{yeah, he's totally standing on the table with a blanket in tow, sunlight beaming through the winder}

But the sweetest thing ever (at the moment), Baby B is at that stage where he can find me in a room full of people, and he notices when I walk by him.

I'm writing a letter to Brennen starting right now. It goes something like this:

Dear Brennen,
     Please go to sleep now and you'll be my favorite.


It is now 12:41am.....

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