Saturday, December 4, 2010

my stash

Back in March, I ordered some new cloth diapers. I needed them. And I knew they'd be getting double the use after the fourth baby was born. I'm so glad I did. I love them! They are Kawaii Baby Diapers. They are slightly more affordable than some of the other top of the line diapers. But they work so well!

The style I have are pocket diapers and each one comes with not one, but TWO inserts. Which is perfect, because we double stuff at night. It's a necessity with my heavy wetter. I have the square tab cross over style. And love! They're pretty great. I also personally like snaps better than velcro.
I've been washing diapers every single day (you have to change cloth dipes more often than disposables [no chemicals in cloth]), and I ran out one day. With no sposies on hand. So not too long ago, I ordered the Minky Bamboo pocket diapers. There are square and round tab dipes, but I very much prefer the square tabs after trying both of them out. The minky is so soft and I love that it's bamboo against baby's skin, a more natural material.

They fit both the babies great. There have many snaps so I'm able to adjust the fit just right to get it comfortable but fitting around the waist and legs. Not to mention, they have super cute prints. See? I call him Tarzan when he's wearing this one. And the babe Mini Tarzan when he's in one like this. The cuteness is killing me!

I also use two Happy Heineys for Brennen. They are cute too. And fit him well. The only thing I have trouble with on this brand is the tabs. Maybe it's just me, but my velcro closures don't stay on the laundry tabs and get stuck to the other velcro dipes in the washer every time. But like I said. I LOVE the fit now that he's a bit bigger (I forget which size I have exactly and he was so tiny when he was born). And they do work well too. (Seen on Brennen HERE and HERE). I found mine on ebay and they looked like new. I also found my Thirsties on ebay too. I have one of those. They're not too bad either, but far from my favorite. Mostly because of the velcro closure. But that's just personal preference.

One of my dearest friends sent me a Bottombumpers diaper when Jonyn was born and a few more when Brennen was born. They are amazing as well! The sized/fitted dipes are very trim yet still absorbent. Great for snugger fitting clothes. I have a medium and it fits both babies (at 2 months and 21 months) right now. They're a bit different from the pocket diapers, the insert snaps onto the dipe. The one-size I have also fits both babies, but because of how they're made to adjust the rise, there's an odd looking bump above the baby's bum. Other than that, I love them! I also love that it's a side snapping dipe. The front isn't as bulky this way.
{one-size Bottombumper}

Jonyn was 3 months old when I started this cloth diapering adventure. I'm so glad I did. For us, it is so worth it in so many ways.

If you choose to cloth diaper, do your research and try a couple of different styles. Some places even let you purchase them and return them within a certain amount of time if you don't like them. Pocket diapers are my faves, though there's tons of other kinds! These above are just the ones I've tried and use. Also, I love talking about cloth diapers!!

I don't know everything there is to know about cloth diapering, I only know what I've learned throughout my own experience. Other websites are much more educated and have many more resources than I do.

A few things you'll need or want to go along with your diapers:
-A wet bag (or a pail liner. We just don't have room for another trash/diaper can, so we have a hanging wet bag). We also have a travel size one. I love them!! The odor doesn't linger.
-Diaper rash cream safe for cloth diapers (though rashes are much rarer when cloth diapering).
-Cloth Diaper Detergent *important*. I use Rockin' Green and am so in love with the stuff. Totally cured our morning ammonia stinkies, too. Thank goodness! Also, you can't use regular detergents like Tide. There are other detergents out there too, but I like Rockin' Green.
-A diaper sprayer will come in handy after baby starts solids, though it's not a necessity. Since I exclusively breastfeed, I don't have to rinse Brennen's diapers before I wash them. Jonyn's on the other hand.... that's a different story ;). I don't have a sprayer, but I so wish I did.
-Consider using cloth wipes. You can purchase wipe solution or make your own. Or do what I do and just use warm water and a drop of soap. I keep clean wipes and baby soap on the bathroom counter next to the sink. Also, I just use baby wash rags as my cloth wipes. Works great! But we do have a spray bottle of my homemade solution because that's what Toby prefers when Jonyn has a dirty.
edited to add: -Wool dryer balls will come in handy too. You can't use dryer sheets in the dryer, so 3-6 of these bad boys will come in handy on days when you can't line dry your dipes. I got mine from

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but it's all I can think of right now, my brain is a little fried :( Not enough sleep lately. My babies won't go to sleep at night. Though Brennen has made it two nights in a row with out waking up after he does actually fall asleep. 

I can't focus my thoughts at all. So this post took me to write. *sigh*Ah well, such is the life of a Mom of four small kids.

Have a happy Sunday!

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