Monday, December 27, 2010

a step

I took a step today. Not a big step.

In fact, you might not even call it a step at all. Maybe half a step, or a scoot, or an inch forward.

But to me. It's a step.

Today, I brought home a very inexpensive trash can. One that does not come with a lid.

Today, I decided it was time to stop saying I want to recycle and start doing it. I bought a trash can. A lidless white trash can.

It will house recyclable plastics. And I will take them to the recycling bins, like a grown up. I took a step towards less waste today.

Maybe next time, I'll get another low cost trash can and start recycling paper. Or aluminum.

I have a lot of kids. We produce a lot of trash. It's time we start taking the reusable kind to actually be reused.

But honestly? I wish cities had "Trash Days," and "Plastic Days," and "Paper Days" and picked up not only the trash, but those things too. But, it's just a wish.

Unless my wish comes true the next time I wish upon a star, I will take my plastics to the recycling bins down the street like a big girl, putting aside the shy girl who is scared to go to new places on her own.

I also purchased a PUR water pitcher a while back. Now I don't get water in bottles at the store anymore. I've drank so much more water since moving here 9 years ago (Texas water is grody) since I don't have to worry about buying it!

I took a step today, and it feels so good.

side note: Did you know that even some toothbrushes can be reusable (recycled)? Next time you're at Target, go to the toothbrush aisle, and have a look around. I had no idea til I stumbled onto them!! I love that they come packaged in their own prepaid mailer! Look for these specific ones and I promise, you'll be impressed. I do believe I will try them next time I need a new toothbrush!

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  1. take it from me it adds up QUICK your best bet is the stackable units from ikea called sorteras. I love that you are recycling we have been for almost 2 years now and it feels GOOD!


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