Friday, December 24, 2010

TEN years

Wednesday was my wedding anniversary. I've now been married over ten years. Ten. Can you believe that? We've had rough patches, one particularly rough year, but have always come through it all with more love than when we first began.

I am a very flawed person, and for my husband to continue to love me through it all amazes me to no end. The fact that we got married 6 months out of high school, had our first baby three and a half years later, and we're still married with a whole slew of kids says we defied all odds.

We still have our issues and our moments where I'm sure neither of us like each other very much. But the real true love is always there. The holding on is there. The knowing that nothing could separate us is there. Always there.

On Wednesday, Jonyn was sick, Daddy took him to the walk in, they ran a slew of tests, ruled out the flu and rsv and strep, never said what was really wrong, but got him some meds and breathing treatments for our nebulizer.  His breathing was wheezing and it sounded awful.

We got the kids from school early (early release), made them dinner later on. We ordered our dinner after that, and Toby picked it up. We then sent the kids to their room with their portable dvd player and a movie so we could eat our dinner and watch a movie ourselves.

Of course the baby and the toddler were both awake through most of it, so I had to fight Jonyn for my food ;) Actually, a bread stick made him quite happy! We were even in bed early, and because there was no school the next day, we slept in. That was amazing.

Do we normally spend our anniversary at home? No, but we usually don't have one really sick kid and one mildly sick kid, either.

All in all, it was nice having a night in on our ten year anniversary. I very much enjoyed it. I'd rather be home with my sick babies that day than to never have had those babies at all. They are my sweets. They complete our lives.

Toby is my love. The one God gave to me. The one He made just for me to have as my life partner. My kids will grow up and move out and move on someday. But my husband, he's the one that will stay with me all my days. I love him. More than words could ever express. He has blessed my life beyond belief. He has grown and matured and achieved such amazing things. I'm so proud of him. So happy to get to be his wife. I love him with my whole heart. And he truly makes my heart happy.

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