Friday, December 10, 2010

vroom vroom

Yesterday after we got home from the grocery store, Jonyn hopped out of the van and his eye caught something.

Something amazing!

A car.

Not just any car, either.

No, it was a Jonyn size car.
So he ran to it and got in before I could stop him.

It.was.dirty! It's been in the garage since Kanyon outgrew it.

That's like three or four years people.
So I got the groceries and finally him, with much screaming, in the house, went back out the clean the car up.
I had a bucket of soapy water and a rag, and I was in the driveway, I'm sure it was a humorous sight.

Anyways, I got it all cleaned up and brought it in.
LOVE. For Jonyn anyways. But only as long as he was being pushed since he hadn't yet figured out how to use his feet to make it go fast just yet.
He can make it go slow, but he's a rather busy kid, always on the move, moving fast. So as you can imagine, slow is not for him.

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