Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Capture: Kindred

I haven't participated in You Capture in a while. Mostly because... I had a baby. By the way, yesterday was December 1st. For me that means, it's the month of Christmas, it's the month of my 10 year anniversary, it's the last month of 2010, and oh yeah, my baby hit 9 weeks old yesterday too. Oh, and?? He rolled over!

Speaking of babies...  wanna see mine?

Here's my number 3 this morning. He's pretty cute, right? Oh, but he's cutting his incisors. Ew. cut.ever.
My number 4... with the cutest faces:
 I love my morning smiles and coos so much. Makes the day start out pretty great.
 But put the two babies together and you get this....
Strange looks.
 And beating up:
Oh yes, they're definitely related. It's what brothers do.

{but sometimes, you can tickle the cranky ones.... and they laugh}

You Capture:


  1. That tickling thing works EVERY time! Great shots of your little cuties :D

  2. Perfect moments captured of your cute little kindred. :) And congrats on your new little one, he's precious!!

  3. You can see #3's premolars cutting. Poor guy.. lol. What great shots :)

  4. Your boys are so cute together! Love it!

  5. LOVE that last picture! We had those dinosaur jammies too. What memories!

  6. I'd say that cute baby is a perfectly good reason not to have linked up to You Capture in awhile. :) Great shots!

  7. what a great series of pictures! I don't think it gets much more "kindred" than brothers beating each other up and then laughing together...

  8. Aww, so cute all snug in their jammies!

  9. kindred indeed!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog post.

    you take amazing pictures. i love how you edit them!
    i'm a new follower. c:

  10. I love how you edited the pictures. I'm staying to look around a bit more, you have me curious about your cute family.

  11. These. Are. AWESOME!!! These pics make me so happy! They are really incredible!


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