Monday, January 31, 2011

crazy people's mad dashes

We're in Texas. You know, that part that doesn't see much really cold bad weather. Sometimes, though, it happens.

And that's when people around here start acting crazy-like and running to the store and getting only the essentials. To get them through a month of bad weather. Even though, it never really lasts that long here.

I'm a Mom, you see. Okay that's a given. But as a Mom, sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I run on E for like two weeks. Then on Dad's day off, I sleep an extra few hours. But really it does me no good, because, well, my body really needs like ten extra hours.

But it's cool, I'll certainly take what I can get.

Back to my point, extra sleep = no shower. It happens sometimes. You know, as a Mom, no shower. You do know what I mean, right? I can't be alone in this situation.

Anyways, this evening, Dad is playing with the older three boys, the baby is content, so I leap! I take advantage of the opportunity to hop in the shower when no one is paying attention to me (those moments are rare.and I love them.but don't tell the kids.mkay?). I even got out before anyone realized I was missing. It was perfect.

Except for afterward when Dad tells me we're expecting lots of snow tonight. Lots. Blizzard like conditions, so they say.

So I realize we have nothing for dinner. At all. I should have gone grocery shopping, but I didn't. So we turn in to the crazy people who get the kids dressed and shoed and jacketed in five point eight seconds flat and dash out the door to the Wal-Marks.

But only for the essentials. Gloves for playing in the snow. Stuff for two days worth of lunch and dinner. And some baking supplies. Because you can't have a day out of school and not make cookies. Am I right?

(and ps... I may have an opportunity come up soon, therefore, Facebook is staying for the time being. But I will seriously be limiting my personal time on there. Happy night, my friends!)

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  1. Ummm... let me think... I showered a couple days ago. I think. Last night it was a tough decision, but I crashed into bed instead. Not regretting it this morning. It's -12F and living out where we do I always keep a good stash of food in the house. I've got nowhere to go! :)


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