Thursday, January 13, 2011

growing big

{This post was intended for yesterday, but due to some unfortunate circumstances (like my card reader going out), it was saved for today. But don't worry, the husband took a look at the computer, messed around with it, and saved the day. He's my hero.}

My boy is growing up. He's getting entirely too big. (He's 22 months [yesterday], by the way).

A few things that mark his growth in our house...

1. We've tossed out the sippies and he now uses a big boy cup.
2. The booster seat/high chair thing is gone (for now).
3. I do believe it's time to get a potty chair for my boy. He'll already sit on the big potty, but gets scared after just a few minutes.

4. His words are finally starting to come together. My favorite phrases: take a bath, what is that, night night. And I'm pretty sure he's starting to say welcome when you give him something (though he means thank you). It's adorable.
{and yes, he can really blow his nose, since he was about 15mths old. crazy, I know.}

Still waiting on a magic potion to slow time down just enough for me to breathe in my children more at each sweet stage of their lives.


  1. These are all adorable, but that first one is priceless!

  2. I can't even describe how much I love that first photo. The light! And the doggie teeth marks on the trim totally killed me. That is your real life, and I love that you included it. Someday you'll look back on this shot, and beyond the sweetness of the toddler and puppy, you'll see those teeth marks and remember a million little details about these days!

  3. So cute! I love the first shot! One of the things I love about it? The scratches on the door frame. One day you'll look back down the road and it will tell you so much. You'll remember the dog (or cat...or child lol) that put them there. I always joke that we should have built our new house after our kids were grown as we might have to build another one by the time they are done destroying this one. LOL

    Great shots!


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