Monday, January 3, 2011

oh how I've missed you.

It was only under a week that I was gone.

Out of town and in with family.

I didn't want to come back... Shhhh. Don't tell, mkay?

I missed being here. On my blog. So much. I missed telling you about my little life. I missed posting photos. I missed reading my favorite blogs. I missed it. All of it. I missed my husband. He stayed home for work stuffs. But I missed him. A bunch.

But as soon as I packed up and said my goodbyes to my family and the in-laws, I already missed them. But I came home anyways.

I have big dreams. Dreams of being home. Home being where I'm from, near our families. Dreams of taking care of my grandparents as their needs grow. They helped raise me all my life. Now I want to take care of them when the time comes. I love them. I love my Mom, my brother and sister-in-law. My husband's family. I want to live there, where they are. For the rest of my days.

I dream of owning a piece of property. And having chickens, and a cow. And maybe a donkey. And definitely a garden. A large sort of garden. Where me and the boys can get our hands all dirty and grimy and bring in fresh veggies. Oh, and I need a cat or two. And a Weeping Willow. Yeah, that.

I dream of a house big enough for all for of my children and doggies. A house that will someday be where my grandchildren spend the night. A place where photos can be taken of the beauty around us, not the highway. A place where my kids can really truly run and be free. And the dogs can too.

My Mom says I'm like my Grandpa when I mention my dreams of these things. I like that.

I dream of living close. Having great big family dinners. Being there for the holidays. Leaving the kids with grandparents and going on regular dates with my husband. Even if those dates are just movie nights at home. I want to hug my Mom when I get the itch. Smell her hair. I always love the way her hair smells.

I always come home to my house with these thoughts. Then I think, someday. Someday, these dreams will come true, when God is ready for them to be.

But for now, God is keeping us where we are, and I'm happy to be here for now and dream.


  1. Oh, Brooke. This makes me smile. Rob and I are dreaming of a lot of those same things, right down to that weeping willow even (i like the weeping cherry trees
    Yeah. Someday, right?

    Missed you too, by the way. I was wondering where you've been. Welcome back :)

  2. Catching up on some blog readin'. Glad I stopped by here! I love your dreams....hope they'll happen for you someday soon!

  3. Yes! The Weeping Willow too! I planted two last year but they died...


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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