Sunday, January 16, 2011

oh me.

I'm totally worn out. Such a busy weekend. Gorsh.

First of all, Jonyn's vocabulary totally exploded over this past week! Words were just flyin' out of that boy's mouth left and right! Sometimes, two new words or phrases would happen in the same day. Crazy stuff, I tell ya! I knew he would start talking and that it was just a matter of time, but we've finally moved beyond oh wow dude! and uh-oh. My kid is adorable people. So adorable!

And my older kids fought so much this week! Ugh. So frustrating! They fought so much that this morning before we ever left for church, their grounding started at one day and made it to a whole 7 days. And yet, they still fight and tattle and act like boys. *sigh* What else should I expect? They are boys. But seriously, the arguing has been abundant. Way abundant.

Brennen realized that he has hands and feet. Love that stage. It's very entertaining. For both of us.
Yesterday, I was up at the church all but a few hours remodeling the nursery. It was fun. But a ton of work. And the people that came out to help? Ahhhh-mazing! So thankful for those kind folks! So needless to say, I'm pooped!

And today, after church I had a photo shoot with a beautiful family! They have a two year old. Toddlers are my absolute favorite to photograph. Call me crazy, but I love it! Anyways, he was amazing! And so full of energy. Of course he's always quite happy (and incredibly smart) when I see him! It was a blast.

But now, I just wanna rest....

I've also not been keeping up too well with my picture a day. But I'm okay with it. I know that trying to do Project 365 is at least helping me get my camera out more. So for that, I'm thankful.

And for the record, I'm wiping out all my January goals and starting over.

With one goal.

Go to bed earlier. Much much earlier.

That's it, my one goal for the restJanuary. Go to bed early.

And now Jonyn is screaming for the sake of screaming and the dogs are fighting.

Or playing. I can't tell.

And the baby's hungry.

And the big kids are being super duper loud.

This is my life.

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