Friday, January 21, 2011

*tired sigh*

When I don't blog for more than a few days in a row, it feels like forever. I have been busy. And I'll tell you why.

First, I have four kids. And one's a crazy toddler. And one's a nursing baby, who is getting cuter by the minute. And the other two are just plain ol' boys. Who think they need to 'Nuh-uh', 'Uh-huh' each other every three point six five minutes.

Second, I've been trying to reorganize the corners of my house little by little. That's been an adventure. I want to see less clutter in my house. And I'm thinking it's time to let go of the idea that I will scrapbook again someday. The last page I did was back at the end of '09. Well over a year. And my scrapbook stuff takes up a bunch of space. I'm thinking I'll just keep all my photos dated and organized in my fancy pants photo boxes.

But I have such an attachment to all that stuff it's hard for me to really say I'm done with scrapbooking. I love doing it. But again..... I have four kids. And two dogs. And a husband. And a house to take care of. Oh and a sorta business.

About that. I felt like the Lord was telling me to put it aside for now, for an unknown amount of time. Even as I was feeling these things, and before I said them aloud, my sweet husband said something similar to me on his side of our business. Strange how the Lord works.

So now that I've put it aside, I have quite a bit of business. I'm confused about it. I love doing what I do. I feel like I'm not supposed to push anything, but instead, let the Lord guide my steps. So that's what I'm doing. I'm not totally sure where things will go. All I know is don't push it, but accept what He gives me. It's a blessing, for sure.

That's why my blog has been neglected and lonely. Kids. House. Business. Oh and church stuff, too, by the way.

And I have lots on my mind, so it's been hard for me not to blog, but I have to keep from falling behind on life and my business. So I'm still here, just busy. And tired.

I did manage to snap some three month photos of Brennen, but have not been able to edit many because I've been editing client photos. Here is my cutie pie at three months old:

 {love this kid's serious faces!}

And I'm still taking my P365 photos (mostly), hopefully I can get some posted soon. Until then.... Happy Weekend! Good night peeps!


  1. Im trying to come to that scrapbooking realization too....its hard know you have a lot of money in supplies. But my gosh I havent printed in 5 years let alone scrapbook!

  2. I think Brennen looks like Taylan in this pic! Such a cutie....


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