Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Capture: Top Ten of 2010 (photos)

It's that time of week again. It's You Capture Day. This week is our favorite ten photos from last year.

My all time favorite is here, shared here (I'm #457). Here are more. There are more than 10, however (sorry!), and I didn't even put allll my favorites on here. I had to narrow it down a bunch. And they are in total random order.

Happy looking, and thanks a million for stopping by!

1. my lover, my husband:

3. My second born:

4. 1st birthday!:

5. Number 3 [before he turned mean]:

6. My oldest boy:

7. My four monkey boys:

8. Number 4 still tucked away:

 9. My fourth born, fresh, on my baby quilt:

10. Boy 4 at 3wks:

 11. Halloween photo tradition:

12. Yes, please:

13. Melt my heart:

14. Big kids:

15. Way before boy 4 came along:

16. Abandoned chimney:

Too see more, go click the button:


ps... I really really wanted to add more!


  1. What a beautiful collection - I'm in love with the 5th photo.

  2. You have such a beautiful family and such an eye for photography. Thanks for sharing your boys with us! Happy New Year too. :)

  3. So many great shots! I love the first one, the chimney, the bus shot and your son from name a few :)

    What a lovely family!! Looking forward to your 2011 captures!

  4. I have no idea how you condensed it to only this many. I'm still not sure I'm even going to try! :)

  5. It's too hard to just choose 10, isn't it? They're all beautiful!

  6. You have a beautiful family! I love the bus shot and the single chimney - beautiful captures!

  7. Um? WOW?! That's all I got. WOW!

  8. Gorgeous photos of your family - love the newborn and school bus ones!

  9. I LOVE that they read together! What a wonderful moment to capture!
    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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