Thursday, February 17, 2011

four months little

He is growing so fast. I mean, how can my sweet squishy boy already be four months old?

When really, it feels like he's always been here. Part of us. Our family. Always.

I keep waiting for that final feeling of completeness, that our family is totally complete. Maybe that isn't real, but something I made up. But there should be a feeling, something that tells my heart, and my head, and my soul that our family is done growing. At least until my kids are grown and get married.

In the meantime, we'll see what the Lord brings to us. First, I have to get through this mess of myself and get better. 

See this baby?
He is cute as HECK! And this was the look I got when I walked in from a photo shoot a few days ago. I'd been gone a couple of hours. I'm not sure what the look is exactly, but he's giving it. It's probably a where's the boob? look. Or maybe it's a why aren't you holding me yet, woman?!

Oh and now that he has his hair again, he has that same mohawkish growth the other three before him had. See how it's thicker only in the middle? And it's only like that on top. Yep, definitely one of my boys.

He is 26 inches now. And 15lbs 13oz. Growing kid. Who loves to eat and wiggle and smile and coo and drool and eat his own toes and roll over and wiggle and nurse and wiggle. Precious, I tell you. Just precious.

And ps... I feel a little more normal today.

And my mom may be able to come visit soon... now that's good medicine!

And Jonyn got a haircut.

The end.

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  1. I am beginning to wonder if that "felling" of completeness is real too. I always hear people say that they are done having kids. How do they know? I guess it is real because I haven't felt it yet but so many do. Im wondering (and hoping) that it will happen at some point. I don't think my sanity can do more than 4 kids. The baby fever is super strong right now though because there are new babies/pregnancies everywhere!!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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