Friday, February 4, 2011

my honey: then and now

Yes, he has changed physically. (He gets even more attractive everyday, I'm sure of it!) But he's also changed in many more ways.

I have watched him grow and shift and adjust and deal and cope and enjoy and rejoice and hope and dream. I have seen him go from this teenage boy who was in love with a silly teenage girl to a man, a father, a servant of the Lord. Someone with great character, strength, generosity, heart, love. His love for us, his family, is so great. He's our provider and protector. And I have definitely seen a change in him as he has grown in his faith over these last eleven years. He is so much to me, more than I could ever say. It's been a blessing for me to watch him mature into this man that I love even more than the first time I felt those promises of love in my heart so long ago.

 {may 2000. at chili's w/friends just after baccalaureate}

{last night, over 11 years later}

I swear the man is getting better with age! I do believe he looks more handsome than ever before. I love him. Even through all the trials we see, I will always want him as my husband and my love for the rest of my life.

ps... yeeees I took a picture of a picture. it's what you do when you don't own a scanner!

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